Human Rights Explained is a site dedicated to opening up the conversation about human rights, what they are and who should benefit from them, and is designed to provide a worthwhile and educational resource for any person interested in improving their knowledge around the subject.

The concept of Human Rights Explained was borne out of a realisation that there is no formal education around human rights in the UK, it is not a compulsory subject of the national curriculum, and is only touched on in the form of ‘citizenship’ from Key Stage 3 onward. This is despite the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child specifically making recommendations to the UK government to ‘teach human rights’, with the particular intention of tackling bullying and violence in schools and to support students and staff in their ability to ‘respect diversity’.

In addition, the aims of Human Rights Explained is also to debunk some of the myths that exist around human rights and to provide a first line of support to anybody of any age, gender, ethnicity or religion who may feel like they have had their rights violated in any way and to signpost to organisations who will be able to then offer more personalised advice.

By teaching human rights to our young people it is fundamentally about empowering them to go on and live a life free from discrimination, and to protect their freedoms and their privacy, whether in school, college, university or work. It is also about educating people to respect the human rights of others and that we are all born free and equal, regardless of who we are or where we come from.

Human Rights Explained firmly believes that in order for the young people of today to develop in to responsible, well rounded and caring adults of the future, that will lead society through the 21st century, it is altogether necessary that human rights is part of the education agenda, and is as compulsory as maths and English on the national curriculum.

With this in mind, we will endeavor to promote the teachings of human rights and the philosophy of Article no 1 in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states;

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

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